1. Overall guidance of the wing overall
2. Responsible for the overall daily operation and strategic vision of the Wing as a whole.
3. Responsible for ensuring all CO's and XO's of the various squadron's we support are managing their groups appropriately IAW the overall vision of the Wing.
4. Responsible for recruiting and maintaining quality pilots into the Wing.
5. Responsible for the overall online presence of the Wing, to include the website and social media outlets.
6. Responsible for organizing internal/external joint operations.
7. Responsible to provide support as needed for any need presented by Squadron CO's.


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1. Overall organization of various squadrons: - Managing squadron readiness based on CAG requirements, what can squadrons do, what do they prefer to do, how many trained aircraft can they field at any given time to prosecute a given objective.
2. Organizing any joint operations within, or outside of Wildcats, IE: Combined Ops, etc. This does not include squadron specific missions ran by CO's of given squadrons.
- Responsible for organizing individual squadrons for said joint ops, who/how many can attend, what will be squadron specific missions ect. 3. Design and maintain a flow chart of command structure from CAG rank downward, to include upcoming module additions/squadron additions, IE: F15, Apache, etc. Ops position on said flow chart will be equal to CO's, directly reporting to CAGs.
4. Be directly involved with CAGs and future development of Wildcats, giving input from CO's and XO's both of what is needed, not needed, wanted, etc. Helping CAGs to help CO's and XO's.
5. Be a voice of reason. Due to your continued direct involvement with various squadrons, be the one to say, this wont work, or this works great, or we need this, or that... etc.


1. Responsible for their own Squadron organization and readiness. This includes all line pilots, flight leads (should CO's decide to have and train them) and any training plans along with keeping squadron rosters current.
2. Responsible for ensuring, should a training plan be in place, to have each line pilot complete the training plan in a timely fashion (timely fashion can mean whatever it means to you as CO and XO).
3. Responsible for keeping the Ops Officer informed of overall squadron and trainee readiness.
4. Responsible for hosing and conducting individual squadron training and mission flights as needed. You can schedule as you see fit, but Monday's MUST be joint days ran on either the Main or Alternate servers. This means all squadrons must be on the same server on Mondays, unless discussed prior to for individual squadron needs.
5. You are free to run your squadrons as you see fit. CAGs will not interfere with how you do things unless we note issues taking place. They are yours to run as you like.
6. Be a voice of reason for CAGs and the Ops Officer. Be vocal about what you need, want, don't need etc. Be able to say, this doesn't work, or this works well etc... We WANT your input on how we can help you be successful with your squadrons!
7. XO's are there to fulfill all of the above in the absence of, or in conjunction with, the CO. They are to be considered equals in the squadron, however, the CO's have the final say on anything squadron related and will report directly to squadron CO's.


1. Responsible for learning how the role of CO and XO work within the given squadron.
2. Responsible for training new pilots to the squadron IAW that squadron's current training plan.
3. Responsible for being Flight Leads in any squadron, Wing, or external exercise or mission.
4. Responsible for being the most knowledgeable pilots in the given squadron for their air frames.