Required MODS to be able to join our MP Servers

Pre-Requisite Download - Wildcats Downloader

This download contains a Powershell script to enable the installation of skins, kneeboards etc.


Pre-Requisite Download - JCP

Essential for Joint Communications.


HMS Ocean

As of Syria 2.5.0+ we'll be requiring all pilots to have the HMS Ocean mod. It will be a mobile base of operations for the 16th CAB. This mod will be used whenever possible in all forthcoming maps.


High Digit SAMs

Mod to add High Digit SAMs and make adjustments to existing SAM systems.


Military Aircraft MOD

Mod to add Military AI Aircraft.


VPC Airfield Equipment Mod

Eye candy for all things nice!


Fix for DCS 2.7+


Anubis Hercules

Please download the latest version from the DCS Forum. Download only the client version, not the CoreMod



This PowerShell app has been created in house to allow a central download facility for skins, kneeboard files etc. Download and place in your DCS Saved Games folder. To use, right click and "Run as Power Shell". When the downloads are complete, it will show a green message. NOTE: First run will take a while as it will download every new skin!


476th vFG Range Targets

Range targets


DCS Waypoint Editor

DCS Waypoint Editor is a utility that is used to load waypoints via an automated process.
There are two software pre-requisites for the use of DCS Waypoint Editor:

1) Tesseract - Install to any folder (Run EXE)

DCS BIOS - Install to "DCS Install Drive\Scripts"
(Saved Games\DCS....\Scripts)

DCS Waypoint Editor: - Highly recommend selecting "releases" and picking 1.0.0b1 to download.
(Can go anywhere - Click Floppy Disk Icon)

Known Issues: F16 loading currently broken. F10 map co-ord adding currently very buggy
RIGHT CLICK AND OPEN IN NEW TAB - Otherwise this will not work.